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Cornerstone Café, SH25 Mangatarata/SH2 Junction, Hauraki, NZ

Blank Wall Gallery, Athens Greece


▪ Current Masters of Art Vol II 2016 WWAB

▪ International Contemporary Masters of Art Vol VI 2012 WWAB

▪ Masters of Photography Vol I 2012 WWAB

▪ Rhythms – Lorraine BEATTIE Michael Joseph Publishing

▪ Artist Members Summer Edition 2012 Artists Haven Gallery Michael Joseph Publishing summer-edition-2012

artblend vol 2 2014 issue #4

Artists Haven Gallery Fort Lauderdale Florida,

▪ Amsterdam Whitney Fine Art Gallery, New York


Since 2006 Lorraine has exhibited in group exhibitions in Italy (Cassino, Florence), Croatia, USA (Miami, New York, Fort Lauderdale) and in various cities in her home country NZ. She has also held solo exhibitions In NZ and USA (Fort Lauderdale).

She has participated in the Legato exhibitions at Cassino in both 2010 & 2014 which were in commemoration of WWII and the NZ soldiers who not only fought to defend Monte Cassino but assisted the Italian people in Cassino during the war. Her signature piece "Freedom" has been the theme for all Legato exhibitions since its inception.

Lorraine Beattie at Legato, Italy 2010 in Legato on Vimeo

She has been a guest lecturer at the Kettering Buccleuch Academy in England

Lorraine has presented several shows at Rotary Events in Auckland and presentations at primary schools on her travels in Africa.

Lorraine has partnered with the NZ Spinal Trust, supporting New Zealanders with spinal injuries, & the sale of her gift cards are ongoing support for them.

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